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every Mundo adventure. 


Travel the world AS a local INSIDER. 

The most magical places on the planet aren't in a guide book, they are the local secret spots reserved for a lucky few. From Shamans, to hidden waterfalls, to abandoned cities, we connect you with the insider's experience. When you're an old man or woman in your bed, these are the once in a lifetime experiences you will be telling your grandchildren about.



experience life through a new lens.

We love resort vacations!... but we are NOT that. Are you ready to truly experience something that is going to broaden your world view? That's where we come in. Instead of vacationing, where your culture is simply plopped in a new location, we invite you to experience a new world from the inside out as you are welcomed into exotic communities like family and gifted the chance to see life first hand through the eyes of a completely different culture. 

give back.

Give back directly to the places we visit with direct service projects that support and empower the local communities we visit, such as bringing goods to an orphanage or helping an Indigenous Tribe preserve their way of life in a rapidly changing world. By coming on retreat you are funding these projects and are getting to first hand see where the money is going. There is nothing more powerful than looking into the eyes of someone whose life you have changed for the better and recognizing the same humanity that lives in yourself. 


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Improved memory, serotonin (happiness) boost, better sleep, increased work productivity, big picture perspective shifts and deeper friendships are just some of the medically proven benefits of a digital detox. When was the last time your mind had a break from the racing? On retreat you will disconnect from the digital world and become present to your life in real time... and your life in real time will be amazing. This allows you to hit the reset in your mind and return home completely refreshed and inspired!  


practice yoga beyond the mat.

Have you ever seen a sunrise and all of a sudden been in complete bliss as you just take in where you are at? That is Yoga. Yoga is "The state of being completely present where you are at and ANY practice in your life that allows you to feel completely present."

The physical practice of yoga is just one way to get present... Hiking, surfing and a deep conversation can all be a yoga practice as well. In your every day life you may spend one hour in a yoga studio a day, but the real practice of being present and true to yourself is what counts for the other 23 hours. Mundo Adventures is a conduit between you and various fun & healing modalities to allow you to become present and take that skill home into your daily life after retreat.

Experience a powerful journey in just one week. 

We put in the work for you, sharing years of experience finding the best kept local secrets and figuring out all the logistical details. You will be engaged every day by operating in a world with no touch stone to your daily life, you will meet incredible people from all over the world and you will have the opportunity to give back in a real way while you redefine your personal boundaries. Our intention is to connect you with once in a lifetime experiences that allow you to experience the kind of growth that can only come from having a true adventure.