do you think it's possible to actually make a difference for our Planet?

Image of Santiago, Myself and Sandra: two children of the Kogi Tribe in Colombia

Image of Santiago, Myself and Sandra: two children of the Kogi Tribe in Colombia

I do. Maybe I am an optimist, but I think we’re in a lucky spot as a generation who have been given a lot and now have the mental space to look at how we want to better the Planet for future generations…. And since I like fun, learning and exploring the world, I decided to create a way fo us to sprinkle that in there as well.

Here’s the deal: You can leverage your travel as a way to make our Planet a little better.

I am leading adventures to the most amazing places I have lived and explored around the world, and on each trip we implement direct action projects to benefit the Natural world.

We start with our own fun, learning more about ourselves with practices like yoga, meditation and transformational breath work. Then we get to really know the culture we visit by staying with locals in their homes, partaking in ceremony with powerful Shamans and visiting secrets spots, like a sacred waterfall no tourists know about. Then we take it deeper and explore our Planet’s most beautiful natural wonders with activities like hiking through valleys of wild horses, to turquoise lagunas over 5000meters high, surfing empty beaches surrounded by dolphins or watching the sunrise over painted deserts after a night under billions of stars.

After we source ourselves up, we are ready to give back to these communities who invite us in like family. We bring money and resources, NOT as charity, but as an investment in our collective future. We are all in this life thing together, and I think it’s time we start acting like it.

For example, in Colombia we work to empower the Kogi Tribe (oldest indigenous tribe in South America) to do their work for the environment without assimilating. In Peru we bring the children of a local orphanage life changing supplies, and in Thailand we help elephants who’ve been rescued from tourist traps and circuses. The retreats fund these projects, and we implement them first hand. I am doing a 100% transparency policy, so retreats guests (and anyone else who donates) can see exactly where their money goes. It is seriously empowering to see much of a difference a little can make.

The goal is to create a steady funnel of resources to our environment, children, animals and Indigenous Peoples. These are 4 of the most important pillars of our planet, and we get to use our voice/platform/privilege to support them. Value is not just monetary, and these are irreplaceable for the good of everyone. I know with my whole heart that it is our duty and privilege to protect them for our children and children’s children. The thing is, I can’t do it alone. Without you guys it’s just a dream, so here I am…. a recovering technology snob, who would much prefer staying behind the scenes, deciding to bare it all to you because my “why” is finally bigger than anything else. I hope you will join in and help me do some good.

Here are some upcoming opportunities to come travel, do yoga and make a difference! Email me for more info on how you can get involved.

Mexico, January 22-28th 2020 with myself and Danielle Radulski

Colombia, May TBD 2020 with myself and Melissa Moffet