Mundo means "world" in spanish

We are a world wide community of explorers and free thinkers who believe in using mindful travel to facilitate personal growth and exact positive change in the world around us.  

Mundo Adventures offers you a chance to safely explore beautiful places that would take years to figure out on your own. You will take part in activities such as yoga, waterfall rappelling & ancient Indigenous ceremonies, and create life long friendships with inspiring people from all over the world. 

There is no "tourist" vibe and there is no pretense, we are about what is true in life. On each retreat we connect you directly with potent life experiences, cultures and direct service projects that allow you to feel the humanity that connects us all and gives life it's meaning. 





built on the idea of betterment

The way that we make out stories greater is by intentionally being a part of something that is bigger than ourselves.  

We believe in using business as a powerful tool for betterment; and our goal is to leave the lives of every guest, employee and local community we come in contact with better than we found it.

By taking a trip with Mundo, you are directly boosting local economies and becoming a part of a team that safeguards our natural environment. 

On every trip with Mundo, a portion of your proceeds will go to a direct service project such as goods for a local orphanage, supporting national parklands or helping an ancient Indigenous Tribe preserve their way of life in a rapidly changing world.

We are growing and we are learning, but we are open and our goal is always working together to rise together. 


Mandolin Badger

– Founder, Mundo Adventures

I am essentially a woman, who after years of teaching & practicing yoga, eating healthy and working to find daily happiness, was still unsatisfied and anxious each night as my head hit the pillow... So I sold everything and went on a 4 month surf & hiking adventure that turned into 4 years of learning how to actually feel true connection.  

Every time I immerse myself in a new culture, I can feel my brain expanding as I learn to see life through a new perspective. The random acts of serendipity, the mind blowing nature, and the people of every background who remind me that at our essence, we are all connected.

We are SO lucky that we live in a place and time where we can have these experiences and return home with new eyes to see everything we already have.  We are even luckier that we can leverage these experiences to give back to those not born with the same opportunities that we have. 

My goal is to share the most nourishing tools I have found for personal growth and authentic connection, in the most fun way possible, while giving back to those who do not have the same platform I have been born with... That is the point of Mundo Adventures."

- Mandolin Badger, Founder