a new adventure
to the other side of the world!

December 5th - 11th, 2019 with Mandolin Badger & DEMI CHAN


We are so excited to announce that Mundo Adventures is opening up on the other side of the globe, in Thailand for December 2019!

Thailand is rich with nature, cuisine, activities and spiritual sites that ignite transformation from the inside out. It is overlaid with warm tropical climate, but the landscape varies from quiet, rolling hilltops to thriving city to glowing temples and stunning island paradises. We will be visiting all of these, traveling responsibly and giving back to locals… and elephants! Expect to adventure wildly and also nurture your whole body, with Thai massage and daily mindful practices that align with the spirit of the land we visit.


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your mundo experience

Mundo has always been about retreats in places a team member has actually lived in. After a year interning with Mundo, Demi Chan is stepping up to co-create the local experience piece of this retreat with us! Because she grew up in Thailand, Demi is the perfect ingredient to help craft your deeply immersive adventure through her homeland!

Most people have heard about Thailand as a must-go destination. With such a developed tourism scene there, it's too easy to fall into generic programs that everyone and their second cousin has done before. 

This is where we come in. Demi has lived most of her life in Bangkok, Thailand - as always, with us, you would travel as a local. Because this is our maiden-voyage, we're still fine-tuning the itinerary details and opening it up to those of you that would be down to explore with the true spirit of adventure. This trip will be extra special: come be a part of our one and only inaugural Thailand retreat.

You will be guided into the most magical gems of local culture where you will sleep in local homes, specialty bed and breakfasts, and very unique spa settings. We don’t show photos ahead of time as an intentional part of experience, and to protect the privacy of the locals who invite us into their homes. With Mundo you get to experience the thrill of a real adventure, where everyday holds a flow state adventure, without any of the hiccups!



• Daily Yoga & Meditation
• World-class dining and local street food
• Temple blessings
• Work and play with elephants at a carefully selected conservation center

• Visit a northern hill tribe village
• Snorkeling in crystal blue waters
• Ziplining through the treetops
• Enjoy Thai massage and spa treatments
• Ride tuk tuks
• More mindfulness practices



Six nights lodging * Three nutritious vegetarian meals a day *  Superfood snacks * All activities * Admission to natural reserves * Transport between all destinations on retreat *

For full booking terms and conditions please click here.


Arrival Airport : Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

Payment Plans: Payment plans are available at no additional charge. 

Groups: Have a group of 6 or more? Reach out for specialty group discounts and a trip created just for you!


90 days prior: Full refund 

60 days prior:  50% refund 

30 days prior: No refund 

* All deposits are non refundable. Exceptions are handled on a case by case basis


4 Day Option : Bangkok and Chang Mai (City & Mountains)

- $1140 (no fundraising)

- $940 (you can save $200 by having your community support you in raising funds to protect Thailand's elephants) ** Must raise a minimum of $200 or make up the difference

7 Day Option : Bangkok, Chang Mai & Ko Samui (City, Mountains & Islands)

-$1995 (no fundraising)

-$1795 (you can save $200 by having your community support you in raising funds to protect Thailand's elephants) ** Must raise a minimum of $200 or make up the difference